Waikato Inline Automation

ECR-S for Rotary Dairies & In-Line Systems

The ECR-S is a robust, easy to use and dependable ACR / Detacher that reduces labour, while cleanly, consistently and accurately milking out your herd.

The ECR-S includes many features and functions that are designed to make the milking process quicker and easy for the milker, while giving the farm owner peace of mind that his herd is being milked out correctly every time.

The ECR-S is suitable for all milking machines. In Rotary Dairies it can control BailGates to retain cows for alerts or longer milkings. The ECR-S can also control SmartSPRAY to teat spray the cow at the end of milking, reducing labour and improving consistency. All the milking parameters are easily and simultaneously adjusted to suit each farms needs through the ECR-S Controller. This gives peace of mind that all ACR / Detachers are set the same and milk each animal the same.

ECR PLUS for Rotary Dairies & In-Line Systems

The ECR Plus is the heart of your milking automation. It combines the most advanced ACR / Detacher functions with collection and communication of milking information.

We understand that no two dairy farms are exactly the same and because of this, each dairy needs a milking machine that is configured to suit individual farm needs. The ECR Plus has been developed with this underlying philosophy front of mind.

The ECR Plus not only delivers a very powerful, feature packed ACR / Detacher, it also allows you to add other milking automation devices to collect important milking information like yield, flow rates, milking time, control the pulsation, measure milk conductivity for udder health issues and display alerts and see milking data in real time.

You decide what your farm needs: want yield information - simply plug in a milk meter or yield indicator. Want conductivity testing - simply plug in SmartD-TECT. The same plug 'n' play system lets you add systems like SmartSPRAY, Bail Display, Bail Gate Rams as well as future proofing your investment to accommodate new technology as it becomes available.

The ECR Plus is designed to integrate with the NaviGate Dairy Management software. This enables useful features like alerting staff to withholding cows as they enter the machine, or identifying abnormal milkings as they happen.

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