GEA Milking Equipment

GEA DairyMilk M6600 - Clusters & Liners

Time-tested milking expertise for cows, sheep and goats - the DairyMilk line has the right option for you. Reliable milking clusters with claw piece or 4-way technology, with automatic dipping function on request; rubber and silicone liners for a solid fit on the udder and long-term animal health.

GEA Apollo MilkSystem

It is a fact that automation can decrease the chance for human error, reduce labor and inefficiencies, and provide more consistent milking procedures. The combination of these benefits, all evident in the revolutionary ApolloMilkSystem, can improve the milk quality in your herd and positively impact your dairy's bottom line.

GEA IQ Milking Cluster

The new milk guide piece has been designed following the natural structure of a cows udder. It is sub-divided into four guide chambers. The milk flows directly and quarter individual to the outlet. Thanks to the incline in the respective cluster chamber this process is faster and much more gentle.

GEA Milking Cluster Classic 300

The milking cluster is the point where the machinery attaches to the cow. On the one hand, the milking process should be as efficient as possible, but on the other, it shouldn't damage the cow's sensitive udder. The Classic 300 and 300 E milking clusters fulfil both of these requirements and provide a range of important benefits.

GEA Milking Cluster iC330

Although large in capacity, the size, overall weight and width of the claw has been kept to a minimum. This allows express attachment to the udder through the back legs or from the side. The key features have been achieved through modern sleek styling of both the claw bowl and stainless steel top. The iC330 claw is protected from its harsh working environment through high tech and robust plastic moldings with a well-placed protective bumper.

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